Eleanor and Louis at the airpot in Nice, France. 07/10/12

Eleanor and Louis at the airpot in Nice, France. 07/10/12

Eleanor and Louis at the airpot in Nice, France. 07/10/12

Anonymous asked: "Hey, babe can you link me pictures of el at the airport wearing the highlow white skirt? Thanks xxx"

I will post some of them in a few minutes! xx

Anonymous asked: "Do you think eleanor celebrates Easter?"

No, maybe she eats some chocolate because somebody gave it to her and because it is customary but i don’t think that easter it’s something she has in mind, it is not a special day! But maybe i’m wrong and she buys a lot of chocolate and decorates eggs with Max,  Alana..etc i don’t know!

Anonymous asked: "I am so stressed oh my god! I have a few tee shirts and I'm in middle school and I would like to know how to style them without looking crazy? I'm in 8th btw. One is a plain white tee, a bit big, a black one, same, a gray one, like dark gray (sim to the color of El's jumpsuit thing from tfs) and a black one with a kitty on it from American eagle cx could you just give me a few ideas? It would mean so much, thank you, gorgeous! I understand if you ignore this, haha (:"

Since the t-shirts are basic t-shirts, you can wear them with everything. I will link you to some outfits so you change the shirt for the one you want!


I would never ignore you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


33 | favourite photos → Elounor.


33 | favourite photos Elounor.



you are not fat
you have fat 
you also have fingernails 
you are not fingernail 

you have skin
so you’re skinny

seduce-mys0ul asked: "Do you recommend any drug store face primers?"


Whilst I’m a lover of $40 lipsticks and other makeup products nothing pleases me more than an amazing budget friendly one that sets me back just a few bucks. I’m a budget girl at heart so I totally get not wanting to spend a fortune on products.

Face primers are best suited to specific purposes (I have a whole post dedicated to face primers) but my top two makeup primers for those on a budget are:

ELF Face Primer

ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer

This primer is one of my major drugstore (and ELF) favourites. The formula very similar to my holy grail Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free primer and has a lovely smooth texture. It is available in clear which is great for anyone and everyone but also comes in colour correcting and brightening shades.

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

This is another great primer (although sadly more expensive) it has a lovely velvety texture which makes the surface of the skin appear and feel even so that foundation glides ontop. Great for all skin types and also comes in a color correcting version.

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El and Lou being adorable at the airport in Nice (France)